FS Podcast market conduct series

March 26, 2019

Double jeopardy: Where market misconduct and anti-competitive behaviour meet

In this, the first podcast in our series on market conduct topics intended for a financial services audience, Daniel Newton and Lisa Eger consider the overlap between what we would consider to be market misconduct in the regulatory sphere and areas that the competition authorities are now focussing on as anti-competitive behaviour. 

Global investigations: episode 3 – defending multiple fronts (part 1)

March 21, 2019

Investigations rarely arise in isolation. And companies are often required to balance overlapping, and sometimes conflicting, legal, financial and reputational priorities. In this podcast, partners Olivia Radin, Ali Sallaway and Mark Sansom discuss the myriad issues these cases bring and provide some pointers for navigating them.

How will Brexit affect… employees?

March 20, 2019

Our experts Nick Squire, Karin Buzanich-Sommeregger and Holly Insley look at the key employment law-related issues that will flow from both a deal and no-deal Brexit. Will EU-27 citizens be able to work in the UK, and vice versa? And what should companies be doing to prepare?

How will Brexit affect… contracts?

March 12, 2019

Once the UK is outside the European Union, will contracts governed by English law still be respected by EU courts (and vice versa)? Where will companies be able to have their disputes heard? And will court judgments be enforceable on both sides of the Channel? Tom Snelling, Ali Kirby-Harris and Anne-Laure Vincent discuss. 

Investing in startups

March 6, 2019

Taking an early-stage stake in a fast-growing tech company can be a route to big returns. But with so much risk involved, what do investors need to look out for? Nigel Gleeson, who advises financial investors and corporates on their tech investments across Asia, explains how to get the most out of founder-led businesses, protect voting rights through multiple fundraising rounds – and negotiate an exit once it’s time to step away. 

Global investigations: episode 2 - culture and governance - why do things go wrong?

February 20, 2019

In this podcast, partners Caroline Stroud, Ben Morgan and Simon Priddis explore the Freshfields casebook to reveal the behavioural drivers behind some of the most significant corporate investigations - and explain how businesses can manages these risks.

How will Brexit affect… competition law?

February 15, 2019

In the first of a podcast mini-series on the potential consequences of a hard Brexit, competition law experts Martin McElwee, Thomas Wessely and Angeline Woods assess the impact on merger control, investigations and state aid.

How lawyers can help mitigate cyber risk

February 15, 2019

When you discover a cyber attack your first call might not be to your legal counsel. But there’s plenty they can do to help. Our experts discuss the role a lawyer should play in cyber security – from regulatory notifications to freezing stolen funds.

Global investigations: episode 1 - responding to suspect activity

January 24, 2019

In this inaugural episode, Global Investigations Partners Matthew Bruce, Geoff Nicholas and Adam Siegel discuss the factors behind some of the difficult early judgment calls that need to be made – including how much investigation to do upfront, whether to engage with the authorities and how to deal with the potential for individual liability.

Tech IPOs – what can we expect in 2019?

January 23, 2019

Partners Mark Austin and Lars Meyer assess the market for European tech IPOs, discuss how to prepare for a successful flotation – and reveal some of the unexpected surprises companies often face when they go public.